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DNA sequencing

Next-generation sequencing

Our company covers the whole spectrum of DNA and RNA sequencing. Using our next-generation sequencers, we can chose the most cost-effective solution for a given sample number and the needs of the customer.

For our personalized offers, please contact us by email: info@deltabio.hu.

Illumina NextSeq 500 sequencer

The NextSeq 500 platform is suitable for somewhat larger scale sequencing. Maximum 400 million reads, 120 GB can be obtained from a single read with 150 bp read lengths per read. Such large amounts of data are generated by whole exomes and transcriptomes, but whole genomes or even a whole human genome can be sequenced in one such run.

Illumina MiniSeq sequencer

The maximum capacity of the Illumina MiniSeq platform is 8 Gb per run; 25 million reads can be obtained from a single run; and the maximum length of the reads is 150 bp. It is an ideal choice for targeted DNA and RNA sequencing and for the analysis of genes and signalling pathways. It is an excellent choice for small-scale sequencing projects due to its relatively economical operating costs.

Ion Torrent PGM sequencer

The Ion Torrent PGM sequencer (Thermo Fischer) is currently one of the most economical sequencers on the market. It is capable of reading approximately 1-2 Gb information within 5 hours. The average read can be as long as 400 base pairs. These features make the instrument well-suited for the sequencing of smaller genomes or the qualitative analysis of mixed samples.

Capillary sequencing

Upon request, we undertake capillary sequencing of your samples with our ABI 3500 Genetic Analyzer capillary sequencer.

With our services we provide:

  • proficiency, reliability, rapidity
  • free universal (M13, T7, etc.) primers
  • on-line ordering through our webpage and downloadable results within two days of sample arrival

Please contact us if you have special requests thorough email or phone. We provide answers to your questions!

For ordering, please register on our webpage. You can find help for registration and ordering under the icon in the upper right corner.

Prices of capillary sequencing

Our prices do not include VAT and are only available for online ordering of min. 5 samples.

For special offers, write to info@deltabio.eu or info@deltagene.hu!
Plasmid or PCR product sequencing:
2450 HUF / sample
PCR product purification:
450 HUF / sample
Capillary electrophoresis only:
450 HUF / sample